Born in Cremona (Italy) in 1956, Mario Cottarelli begins to devote himself to music in 1970 as an autodidact drummer. Two years later, he learns to play guitar in a similar fashion. In 1973-1974, he strengthens his knowledge of music by taking electric organ and jazz harmony courses. As early as 1972, Cottarelli is composing his first songs. Increasingly keen on the progressive-rock genre, by the mid-1970s his pieces become accordingly longer and more complex; however Mario is not yet able to produce demos of sufficiently high technical quality. Only in 1977-78 he presents his first demos to record companies, but it's too late: the italian record industry is no longer interested in progressive-rock. Only the alternative company Divergo offers him a chance to cut a record. However, the project is not completed because the company closes down a short time later. At this point, Cottarelli decides to opt for a more commercial style of music. After graduating with a degree in biology in 1982, Mario makes a forey into dance music, recording several songs as a composer and arranger during 1984-1988. Some of these songs become known around Europe. During this period, among other things, he works with Ivana Spagna and Claudio Simonetti. As of 1993, Cottarelli writes music and lyrics for many italian folk and melodic dance bands. However, over time, Mario realizes that progressive-rock is the kind of music he needs to fully express his personality. At long last, in 2005, he revisits some pieces he had composed in 1975. He rearranges them, changes the lyrics, plays and records them by himself. The result is the Cd "Prodigiosa macchina", published by New Lm Records (Ravenna, Italy) in November 2007. In september 2011 New Lm records publishes a new cd of Mario Cottarelli: "Una strana commedia"; it contains five pieces composed by Cottarelli from 1974 to 1981, rearranged, played and recorded by himself in 2010-2011. 

You can download "Prodigiosa macchina" and "Una strana commedia" on iTunes, and many other digital stores, and you can buy the Cd on New Lm Records'